Boy band heaven

The 4th birthday party we attended on Saturday (the 4th one of the year so far) had a disco. There was some B*eb*r, some Agadoo and then What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction came on. The girls, acting as if they had been hypnotised, climbed off the bouncy castle and launched into a choreographed dance routine.

Dh and I (once we’d recovered from the shock) asked where they had a. Heard the song (we’re always a bit dubious since the B*eb*r incident at nursery a year or so ago) and b. Learnt the moves. Apparently it’s one of the things they do in the tap element of their combined ballet and tap class.

I felt it was motherly duty to download the song so they could practice at home. I bought the song on my phone and when I played them the opening bars their eyes lit up. I then searched YouTube for the accompanying video but to no avail so I downloaded (i.e. BOUGHT) the video as well. I explained that the boys in the video sang the song (I haven’t tried them on MTV and the like since they were about 18 months old) and R asked me what the boys were called.

It would be easy for me to lie at this point and say I didn’t know so I had to Google the answer, but I didn’t. I knew all of the names off by heart thanks to my X-Factor habit and my frankly ludicrous recall of celebrity gossip. (Maths? Not so much. Celebrity trivia? I’d get an Olympic gold medal ).

G decided that Liam was very clever because he was able to sit on a fence. R asked why Harry was talking to ‘that girl like that’. I said they were very good friends. They’re 4 years old – that’s enough of an answer for now.

Dh took a video of the girls doing the dance but it’s really dark so I’ll have to try and capture it again. It’ll be great blackmail material for the inevitable moment that they decide to paint their bedroom black and become goths.