Our Paralympic Adventure Part 3 – Athletics

Four events in three days with 2 four and a half year olds. Insane? Definitely.

We had a few hours to spare between the Dressage in the morning and the Athletics in the evening (one of the huge advantages of living so near to the Paralympic venues) so we popped home in the hope that the girls would have their first daytime nap in more than two years. R and G insisted on putting their pyjamas on, but we stopped short of reading them a bedtime story. After about half an hour of going backwards and forwards to the toilet, bed-swapping, singing, arguing and chatting the girls settled down and managed to fit in a two hour nap.

They were slightly confused when we woke them up but after some food and a change of clothes we were back out of the door and heading towards the Olympic Park. All week we had been asked the same question by different people: “Will you be seeing Oscar?” and it turned out that we were. We saw him the night before his now infamous wobbler so we saw him in full, majestic, blade running, world-record breaking glory. People keep saying that Oscar (he needs no surname) is one of the most famous Paralympians in the world. I think he’s one of the most famous people in the world, no question about it.

It was our first time in the Olympic Stadium and, like the Velodrome, it blew us away. I was expecting it to be a bit like Twickenham, where the seats in the upper tier are so high up you may as well be watching the rugby version of Sensible Soccer from 1994, where everything looks far away and you can only see the tops of the players’ heads. Again, we were in the cheap seats and still had an excellent view of everything at the athletics. The girls loved staying up late (we’re mean and still have them on a rigid 7pm bedtime normally) and there was enough going on to keep them occupied. I only unleashed the iPad when they started to get a little restless and droopy.

R has been a bit funny about completely dark spaces for a while (she and G used to sleep in complete darkness but now have night-lights) and when Dh went to get drinks she leaned over and whispered in my ear ‘I’m a little bit scared because it’s so dark but I’m ok and don’t tell Daddy’. I asked if she wanted a cuddle and she said no. She’s a funny old thing. G was too busy screaming ‘COME ON GREAT BRITAIN!’ at the top of her (very loud) voice to notice anything.

We left the Stadium at 10.15pm and the whole Olympic Park was lit up. I had seen it at night a couple of times during my Olympic adventures but the others hadn’t. It looks absolutely magical at night. I felt sad that it would all be over in just over a week. We had to carry two tired little girls back from the bus stop to home and they went to sleep straight away. We flopped into bed too; there was more to come in the morning.