We’ve just had a fantastic first family holiday at Center Parcs and I had to be dragged home kicking and screaming. The girls loved their ‘New’ house and were slightly grumpy about returning to their ‘Old’ house, until they ran back through the door and saw their toys. I’m still slightly about being home and not having access to a massive water slide whenever I feel the urge to do something mildly dangerous.

We went to the Longleat ‘branch’(?). I adore Wiltshire and would happily up sticks and move there given half a chance. Dh has said that if I’m made redundant we can ‘maybe consider it’…but that’s something he says to R and G to placate them when they’re in a bad mood so I’m not holding out much hope.

I was apprehensive about the holiday beforehand but it was simply wonderful. I could bore you with the details at this point but I’ll just say that the girls loved the activities we arranged for them – the ballet and tennis lessons and the Pirates & Princesses party went down a treat – and we spent an awful lot of time in the swimming pool. I’m already nagging/asking dh if we can go back next year…or maybe for a weekend in the Autumn…