First week at school

The girls have survived their ‘transition week’ and will experience their first full day at school from 8.50am – 3.10pm tomorrow. Last Thursday and Friday they were there until 12pm and left just before lunch. On Monday and Tuesday they had lunch at school and came home at 12.45pm. Yesterday and today they came home at 1.30pm.

I was warned that starting school would make the girls phenomenally tired, and this has proved to be correct. They can do little more than slump on the sofa when they get home. We tried to engage them in activities to start with but they got so ratty that things became impossible so they watch a bit of TV when they first get home and I try to get some sense out of them once they’ve had a chance to unwind for half an hour or so.

They have both coped well with the change, but are dealing with it in different ways. G (in the class on her own) seems to be on a Pokemon-style ‘gotta catch em all’ mission to collect a different new friend every day and add them to her ever-growing gang of ‘best friends’. She’ll be a PR guru (a networker, a facilitator, darlings) when she grows up, mark my words.

R is taking it much more slowly and is (I think) dealing with the fact that her BFF from nursery has decided she only wants to play with boys (hmm, she won’t change) and not with R. To be honest I’m not exactly devastated about this. Let’s just say it was a ‘difficult’ friendship to deal with on lots of levels.

The two Reception classes share a private playground and I get the impression that R leaves her classmates and goes over to play with G during playtime. That said, R has mentioned some children in her class that she wasn’t at nursery with in the course of discussion about her day. I took the girls to the park yesterday afternoon and over a bowl of ice cream with three spoons they told me the gossip.

Despite being a social thing, G is getting quite stressed out at home. We encounter shouty G at 8am ever day and wild with frustration G just after we collect her from school. She’s always been the same though. Every developmental stage has been a trial for G (and, by association, us) and has led to variously, sleep problems, mood swings and general wobblers. She’s going to be an utter joy to live with when she’s doing exams. At least when she’s 16 and ranting like a drama queen I can shut the door and go for a walk. Now I have to face it head-on. My new trick of softly saying ‘You’re the only one shouting’ to her when she’s in rant mode seems to be working (temporarily at least.)

R internalises things much more and is desperate to please both Dh and I. She treats us to lots of eye-rolling and sighing when things aren’t going her way (again, she’s been the same since she was a couple of months old) and she can be very evasive when it comes to events, people, etc. However, yesterday morning she clambered into bed with us (G was in a sulk for no apparent reason in her bedroom) and told Dh all the new things she was learning at school.

A very unexpected bonus is that R decided that she didn’t want to wear a pull-up in bed any more last week and has been dry every night (touch wood) since. G started wetting the bed again over the weekend but things seemed to have improved during the week. We may – finally – have two night-trained children. No chicken counting yet though!

I have been on annual leave since the girls started school but I go back to work (at home) tomorrow and will be back in the office next week, so things will adapt to fit the new routine. I’m still going be working at home two days a week (it’ll be odd to work in such a quiet house), to reduce the cost of wraparound care and to ferry the girls to swimming class and (hopefully) Rainbows.


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