One Born Every Minute Liveblog – multiple births special part 1

You think I’d pass up the opportunity to liveblog on a whole episode of OBEM on multiple births? You were wrong my friend. So wrong. From the preview, it looks like they aren’t going to profile any straightforward twin and triplet pregnancies. Get the tissues and gin ready and I’ll see you back here just before 9pm…

20.59pm. Hugely distracted by Great British Bake Off. Now turned over to C4 and poised ready for One Born…

21.02  ‘A wonderful surprise’. I’m sure I quite thought that when we found out I was having twins at my 12 week scan.

21.03 Sigh. Programmes like this make it sound like every multiple pregnancy is going to end in NICU, SCBU or death 😦 actually that’s far from the case.

21.06 I can’t believe the dad is peeking over the curtain. There’s no way Dh would have done that. He just stared at me, clutching my hand, white as a sheet.

21.07. Oh no. Poor Freddie 😦

21.12 Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome can happen, but is relatively rare. It depends on when the egg splits. R and G were in separate sacs – a ‘Di-Di’ pregnancy, which made us ‘High risk low risk’ – high risk because it was a twin pregnancy, but low risk because they were in separate sacs, etc.

21.22 Just said in a FB discussion that i wish the programme would provide stats on complicated v straightforward twin pregnancies. If I’d watched this programme 5 years ago when I was 6 months pregnant with twins I would have convinced myself that R and G were going to die at any moment, when in actual fact they were perfectly fine.

21.34 This programme reinforces how lucky we were with R and G. We conceived naturally very quickly and didn’t need the intervention that we had expected as a result of my medical ‘ishoos’. I had a (mostly) straightforward pregnancy (all the crap stuff happened to me, not them) and they went to term for a singleton baby, two weeks beyond a ‘typical’ twin birth. They were both of good singleton baby size and we got to take them home two days after I gave birth. We were bloody lucky.

21.44 I don’t have even the remotest hint of broody feelings these days but the twin girls in the buggy, wrapped in blankets, arms thrown above their heads in tiny, perfect sleep poses reminded me so much of R and G.

21.46 There’s so much of this that I can’t comment on because I have no experience. You know what? I’m glad and grateful I don’t know what it’s like.

21.48 In other news, the Magic advert that contains the mashup of Queen and Bruno Mars makes we want to put my foot through the TV.

21.56 I love it when a newborn baby freshly yanked from the womb cries. R and G were bloody FURIOUS about their enforced evacuation.

22.00 Mostly happy endings there, aside from one. It was very hard for me to comment on any of that because it’s so removed from our experience.


4 thoughts on “One Born Every Minute Liveblog – multiple births special part 1

  1. The hardest thing about the birth is the bit where they wave your babies in front of you and then put then in a glass case and whizz them away. I had that with all of my babies and I did not like it one bit!

    • I was only separated from mine while I was stitched up and they had their vitamin k injections. As soon as I was in recovery they were handed to me and the midwife clamped them to my chest for their first (and last) tandem breastfeed!

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