First day at school

R and G started primary school today

(R on the left, G on the right)

Their start time was 9.25am. Dh was on a rest day today and I am on annual leave at the moment so we were able to take them in together. I took G into her classroom and she looked really frightened as she doesn’t know anyone in her class. I gave her a quick kiss and hug. G’s teacher took her hand and I left. I waited for Dh to finish dropping R off (who leapt into the classroom shouting the name of her nursery BFF at the top of her voice) and we walked away from the school together.

Dh asked if I was ok. I broke down in big, heaving sobby tears and he gave me a hug. We walked past our friends’ house and she popped her head out of her bedroom window. I think she had been keeping an eye out for us! She invited us in for a quick coffee/water and I calmed down pretty quickly. It was G’s face as I left her…

The children are only doing mornings to start with so we picked up the girls up at 12pm. G told us very proudly that she had already made a ‘school friend’ whereas R had ‘only played with her old friends’ (the Reception classes are separate but they share an outdoor space). They also told us a long and involved tale about someone who punched someone else and had to sit on the ‘thinking chair’…

Basically, they loved it. R was a little bit quiet this afternoon. G was her usual self. They didn’t want to take their uniforms off and they are excited about going back to school tomorrow.

I think we can call their first day at school a success.


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