Eye of the Tiger part 2

**Heavily edited 22/6/2012 & 27/6/2012 due to the author being horrid**

Did I ever mention that I HATE not being listened to? I have a few recurring nightmares. One of them is me standing in a room with lots of people, shouting at the top of my voice and no-one even notices me, let alone listens to what I have to say.

Just opened the letters from the girls’ school informing us of the fact that they’re going to be in the same class.

This is NOT what I wanted.


I have been adamant for….well, as long as I can remember that the girls should be in separate classes. G is incredibly bossy and takes over, whereas R is more sensitive and will let G do things for her. They need to be separate so that G stops mothering R and R learns not to be as reliant on her sister.

I told the school this. I mentioned it on the look-round last September. I specifically told them when they phoned up to arrange to visit the girls at nursery in April.

Have they listened? NO! I mean, why would they? A liaison person that has spent 5 minutes with them clearly knows them infinitely better than I do and I have been overruled.

I have just phoned the school. A receptionist from the ‘Foboff’ school of receptioning (yes, I know it’s not a word) said that someone would call me back. Do I think that will actually happen? No I don’t. Why would it?

Meanwhile, Dh thinks it will all be fine and they’ll be moved into different classes in the end. No they won’t. The school has sent out 60 letters today. They’re hardly going to accommodate our request and start shifting other children about are they? That’s not fair on the other kids.

I’m aware that I’m overreacting about this. I KNOW there are worse things that could be happening. Its just…I have a really strong idea of what is best for the girls and to have it completely ignored is hard to take.


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