Night training, part trois

We (finally!) have one night trained child. G has been in knickers at night for about six weeks now and although we’re still dream-weeing her, she’s adapted really well to not wearing a pull-up at night. R has really struggled with it and is currently back in pull-ups. After a grand total of six dry nights out of a possible twenty-one (when G had managed eighteen in the same period), Dh and I made the decision to stop trying to night train her for a bit. She’s clearly not ready and it isn’t fair to force her. I don’t want her to end up in therapy! Plus we were starting to get really sleep-deprived and crabby and there’s nothing worse than changing yet another set of pissy sheets at 3am for the fifth night on the trot. Every cloud though – we can both change a single bed in less than two minutes now, under sheet and all.

On one occasion, after changing a wet bed and putting a very confused and sleepy G back to bed I went downstairs and got slightly hysterical as I loaded up the washing machine with soiled sheets and bedding. ‘I CAN’T DO THIS ANY MORE. THE SMELL! THE SMELL!’ I shouted as dh looked on in horror (which, to be fair, is his usual response to most things). Reader, I TURNED on Dh and told him it was ALL HIS FAULT that G had wet the bed as he hadn’t made her go to the toilet the requisite 37 times before she went to bed. If she drinks anything after 6pm she becomes a Gremlin and we ALL know what happens to them when they get wet. The whole turning on Dh thing didn’t go down too well, unsurprisingly and he went to bed in A MOOD so I had to do some profuse apologising. Serves me right.

Apparently we don’t have to worry about R until she’s 7 so it’s not the end of the world that she isn’t night trained yet. It would just be nice for her – and for us – to leave her last bit of babyhood behind before she starts school.


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