The girls are now in proper, grown up beds and suddenly their bedroom looks rather small. It was huge with the toddler beds in and now there is only a walkway where there used to be floor space. G loves having a high sleeper with a den underneath but R is less happy with the arrangement. She has asked Dh if she can go back into her little bed and he has (gently but firmly) said no. R is generally more resistant to change than her sister and she certainly isn’t suffering as she climbs into G’s bunk for some imaginative play at 6.30am.

Dh and I are terribly jealous of the new beds and are thinking of contacting Ikea to suggest that they produce a double or king-size high-sleeper. I’d love to have a den in which I could steal away and read books and play with my iPad. It would only be better if it revolved, Austin Powers-style. However, if it revolved Dh would spend 98% of his time leaping onto the bed, waggling his arse at me and shouting ‘DO I MAKE YOU HORNY BABY? DO I? DO I MAKE YOU RANDY?’. While that would be charming initially, I fear that it might get tiresome after about ten minutes.

G likes plotting things to do in her bed, like stealing the sweets that I have confiscated from party bags and sneaking them upstairs to share with her sister in secrecy. She’s not as daft as her fluffy exterior might indicate, especially when you factor in R’s dislike of most sweet things (she likes the idea of them but won’t eat them), so G looks generous but gets to keep the spoils for herself.

We have promised the girls that they can have friends round for sleepovers during the summer. R and G are off for a sleepover at someone else’s house in a couple of weeks as Dh and I are attending a child-free wedding, which means we get a night in a rather naice hotel on our own while the girls wear out someone else for a change.

I’m rather hoping that the hotel has revolving high-sleepers as standard.


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