School prep.

Time is really flying by. 3 months and 5 days until R and G start school. They had a visit at nursery (sorry, Big Stars as G now insists that we call it as she’s too GROWN UP to be at nursery now) from the school liaison lady last week. She asked the girls (and a couple of their classmates that will be attending the same school) to write their names, draw a picture of themselves (R refused to draw a nose on her self-portrait so G leaned over and did it for her, which will have told the school all they need to know about the dynamic here) and tell her what they liked doing. In July we’ll attend a tea party for the new Reception classes, where they’ll meet their classmates and be given a booklet with all of the other children’s pictures and information in. It all sounds rather lovely. I’m really impressed.

We have also sorted out After-School club for the girls. Their school doesn’t offer it to the Reception class, but they have a private day nursery on-site that offers ‘wraparound care’ for their age group. Inevitably it’s expensive (and of course for two children the cost doubles) but at least it’s guaranteed for a year and is only required during term-time. Luckily the nature of Dh’s shifts and my flexible working patterns (I thank my lucky stars every day that I work for an extremely family-friendly organisation) means that we don’t require breakfast club as well, which would really push the cost up. The girls are already on the waiting list for the ‘proper’ after school club which they can start from Year 1, although I have heard horror stories of a ridiculously small amount of places and an enormous waiting list but I’m not going to worry about that until I need to.

The girls are just so ready for school now. Prior to Easter I noticed a subtle shift in their attitude towards nursery (sorry BIG STARS) and they’re now talking about going to school, the people they’ll meet, the things they’ll learn, the uniform, etc.

I think Dh and I are also ready. It’s going to be a big change for us, too. We’re used to the girls going to nursery three days a week, me working at home the other two days and a potential 51 weeks a year of childcare. I have already planned my annual leave for the latter half of this year and the beginning of next, to coincide with the Christmas break and the start of Easter. I’m going to work at home during the half-term weeks. Hopefully Dh and I can manage the six week break next Summer between us. It’s not ideal, but we’re used to juggling and it’s a bit like levelling up on a computer game: we’ve had it relatively easy, childcare wise for the last four years. Now it gets a bit tricker.


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