We looked after one of the girls’ friends today as her Mum was ill (actually properly sick, not hungover) and her Dad was working all day. For just a few hours Dh and I got a taste of what having triplets might be like.

Granted, it’s not the same as actually having triplets but it was actually pretty straightforward. Luckily the extra child was extremely well behaved. She’s an only child of older parents so is extremely grown-up for her age. She’s also a pretty independent, feisty character so was able to fit in with R and G whilst not being overshadowed by them.

The girls are at an age now where they will go off and entertain themselves for extended periods of time so Dh and I stood back and only intervened when we had to – basically when they started arguing! I cooked lunch (it’s easy to upscale a tuna pasta bake for extra people) and this afternoon we all walked to the local shops to buy comics and cookies (when you have a guest child it’s only right that you spoil them). The three girls started referring to themselves as sisters, which was very sweet.

We really enjoyed the day and our extra child staged a sit-in protest when her Mum came to collect her at teatime!

The ‘triplets’ are already hatching plans for future playdates and a (eek) sleepover. We’d happily do it again. Not sure I’d want to do it solo though…


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