Every year since R was born she has developed a heat rash during the Summer months. It starts on her body and moves around to her arms and legs before fading away. It doesn’t itch or bother her, but it does look rather alarming to the uninitiated.

Every year without fail I get a panicky phone call from nursery to inform me that R has a rash and looks ‘hot and bothered’ and do I want to come and collect her? Today was the day I got ‘the call’ for this year.

The girls have been attending the same nursery since 2009. You’d think someone would remember that R gets a heat rash that may warrant a phone call to me to let me know, but doesn’t require me to pick her up any earlier than I was already planning to. I was on the tube home when they called, so I picked up a voicemail when I was already well on my way to pick the girls up.

I used to get really worked up about stuff like this – and I did privately get cross for about two minutes this evening – but when I got to nursery and R was happily munching a rice cake and making plans to round around the playing fields with her friends, clearly completely fine aside from the red rash on her arms, I calmly had a chat with her key worker and all was well.

G asked me why she didn’t get the rash but R did and I couldn’t give her a decent answer. R has always been more prone to rashes – when she was a baby she used to get a lot of viral rashes whereas G didn’t – but it’s hard to explain when I don’t really understand it myself.

R is also (we think) allergic to penicillin but we’re not sure whether G is or not. To be on the safe side, on the rare occasions that they have been prescribed antibiotics (twice in four years I think?) they have both had non-penicillin-based medicines.

Anyway, I think nursery are on board (again) with the whole rash thing now and hopefully I won’t get any more SOS calls relating to it – until the girls start school…


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