R and G would like a playhouse for the garden. As they cost at least £150 for a decent one we can’t afford to buy one new. Dh has been scouring Freecycle for a while but they rarely appear. The book group organiser sent an email to the gang a couple of weeks ago and buried among the p.s’s was the offer of a playhouse.

I replied instantly in a ‘strike while the iron’s hot’ moment and today we went to view said playhouse. R was more interested in the six year old girl (who had outgrown it) and her friend that had come to play. R regards 6 as the age at which you become a grown-up: when you can drive cars, ignore silly babies and do proper grown-up games.

The girls decided that they would like to have the house so the parents have made arrangements. They didn’t want anything for the playhouse (brown, plastic, not too girly, slightly grubby, sturdy) but I said I would give them some wine as a thank you gesture.

We’re expecting to take delivery in the next few days when the previous owner has finished dismantling it and swearing. I kindly offered Dh’s services and he was invited to dad drinks, but can’t attend as he’s on late shift next week 😦

Once the playhouse is in situ I hope we get a run of gorgeous weather so that the girls can play outside all Summer…


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