From despair to where

Aside from waking at 5.30am, deciding to read Meg and Mog stories VERY LOUDLY to each other (with accents and everything) and waking me up in the process, the girls have been absolutely brilliant today.

After ballet and tap we went London Zoo with one of the girls’ friends and her family. My two were in super-good mode and I only had to take R to one side once to have a gentle word about not listening to grown-ups. It was a really long day – we finally got home just before 7pm – but they didn’t complain about the large amount of walking that we did, or the multiple train/tube/bus/taxi  journeys that we took (the girls went in a black cab for their first time in their lives and loved it.), or the fact that I couldn’t carry them. In fact, neither of them asked to be carried at any point. They ate their lunch nicely and R only whinged about not getting a biscuit for a couple of minutes before giving up and curling up on my lap for a cuddle.

Today proves that the girls can behave beautifully and that they choose to be wilfully difficult when they want to. I have noticed that their behaviour is generally worse when both Dh and I are around. They are definitely much better behaved when I’m on my own with them, or in a one-to-one situation. Having said that, I wouldn’t want to do the lions share of the parenting on my own all the time. I like having someone here to share the girls and frankly, I need Dh as much as they do.


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