Ducks and kites

Dh bought a kite for the girls so we thought we would head over to ‘Da Heath’ try it out. We also took some bread with us to feed the local ducks.

It was a glorious afternoon – weather-wise at least.Best laid plans and all that…

R and G lobbed some bits of bread at the ducks and they promptly ingored it. I suspect they are more used to artisan loaves and croissants and were turning up their bills at our slightly stale supermarket-bought Hovis.The girls gave up on them and started nibbling the bread themselves.

Da Heath is ALWAYS windy…except today when it was as still as I’ve ever seen it. A few other people were trying to launch kites with limited success. With grim determination, Dh unravelled the string and told me to hoick the kite upwards. I did as instructed and the kite whirled around at waist-height for a few seconds before tumbling pathetically to the ground.

People stuck in the traffic jam adjacent to the grass gawped at Dh and I as we took it in turns to hold the string and flick the kite into the air with absolutely zero success. We were probably good value for passers-by as we were in full ‘Well, if you’re so good why don’t YOU try and fly it?’ mode.

The girls got tangled up in the string and tail of the kite a few times and Dh started to get cross. They (wisely) distanced themselves from their parents and took it in turns to be the bear in their ongoing re-enactment of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. Dh eventually conceded defeat (and we wonder where R gets her competitve streak from…) and we took the kite home.

Dh has told the girls that he wants to take the kite out again during the week. I’m very glad that I’ll be at work…


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