Bon Voyage Aunty J

My fabulous sister is travelling to Sri Lanka this evening and will be spending a month there travelling around and watching the first two England v Sri Lanka tests with the rest of the nutters supporters that follow the England cricket team around the world.

It was her birthday in the week so she booked lunch for 7 of us (Dh was working) today at a pub (The Belgian Arms) in deepest, darkest Berkshire. Despite my grumbling at having to chauffeur two slightly grumpy post-ballet 4 year olds around the M25 on a Saturday morning on my own, the trip was totally worth it. The food was amazing, the staff were really helpful and everyone was amazingly tolerant of the girls as they hooted with laughter at J’s antics.

J has a habit of ending up on television when they broadcast cricket from far-flung places (particularly when she joins in with belting out the National Anthem pre-game) and this time she and a friend have constructed a massive banner to make themselves just a little bit more recognisable.

She was in Australia for the Ashes a year or so ago and was occasionally able to Skype. She’s not taking her laptop this time so won’t be able to get in contact with us quite as easily, although she does keep in contact with her long-suffering boyfriend (who doesn’t travel with her) and our parents via text message and brief phone calls.

The girls don’t quite ‘get’ what travelling abroad really means. They’re fascinated by aeroplanes but haven’t been in one yet because we’re not brave enough . It’s something we’re saving for when they’re older and can amuse themselves with a DS or iPod.

It was lovely to see J before she went. The girls completely adore her so she had better come back in one piece…


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