Spot the difference

The girls have got into comics in the last year or so. Every other week we go to the shop and let them choose a comic each. Naturally I have some restrictions. They have to choose the titles that have a workbook in the middle, they can’t choose anything that isn’t age appropriate (learnt the hard way with that one when we bought R a Hello Kitty comic and it was full of ‘cute boys’ and pictures of Wand Erection One Direction) and they can’t choose anything uber girlie (so I have to hide the Tinkerbell and Disney Princess comics).

The girls – G in particular – really like the Spot the Difference challenges in each comic. It’s the first thing they complete in the workbooks (which follow the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage, natch) and they battle over who can complete the puzzle in the shortest time.

There are usually five differences but sometimes there is a sixth, secret difference for which there is a prize if you’re the first to e-mail in with the correct answer. G generally finds the extra difference and I always forget to e-mail in. On Saturday afternoon I happened to have my phone to hand when she found the sixth difference and dashed off a quick e-mail to the competition address.

This morning I got a reply (addressed to R and G, of course) and they weren’t the first to e-mail in but the very nice person that answered attached a lovely JPEG certificate (the sort that they send all barking mad parents that write in on behalf of their pre-schoolers, but nonetheless…). I forwarded the e-mail to Dh so that he could print the certificates at home and showed the girls this evening.

G was slightly cross that she hadn’t won a prize but I think they ‘got’ that it was nice to get an acknowledgement of ‘their’ e-mail. The certificate is very sweet:


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