Friday photo 24/2/2012

R and G had their hair cut at the weekend.

G’s hair is completely mad. She has a double-crown which means that the hair doesn’t lie flat and is generally happiest when it is sticking out in 37 different directions. <insert joke about correlation between hair and owner here> Our hairdresser relishes the challenge of G’s hair and takes great satisfaction in getting it a. Back into a style and b. Looking presentable every few weeks. This look was achieved with hair straightners (I KNOW) and copious amounts of hairspray. I was primed to take a photo the moment she leapt out of the hairdressers’ chair and this was the result. 30 seconds later it went mad again, but it looks lovely here.

R’s hair is more straightforward….

…mainly because it is poker-straight and fine and just…sits. I have naturally wavy hair (if my mop is exposed to a slight rain shower I look like Sideshow Bob) so R’s hair is completely alien to me. She has a single crown (identical schmidentical part 472) so at least it looks ok most of the time. She is spectacularly unbothered about her hair (it’s basically there to make her head slightly warmer) but it’s nice to see it put into a style, albeit briefly.

I thought that having little girls would allow me to spend a lot of time fiddling with hair but they HATE having their hair brushed. I literally have to dash down the hallway brandishing a hairbrush every morning before they escape out of the house resembling alcoholic scarecrows. R asked me to put a tiny little plait in the back of her hair (apparently Fawn from Tinkerbell has one) the other day and I almost fainted with shock. I obliged…and watched her pull the hairband out approximately 30 seconds later.


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