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I have joined the mummy book group on our road. First meeting this evening. David Copperfield. No-one discussed the book, which was good as I had only read 2% of it and had been for post work drinks with colleagues before rocking up at Mum Who Seems To Disapprove Of Us’s house 3/4 of an hour late…no-one seemed to mind and being the only Mum Of Twins has a certain novelty. Our next book is War Horse. Learnt lots of local gossip. Good fun.

***Update. I banged out this post on my phone at 00.15 this morning. The book group was interesting, but also quite scary. I knew four of the women there through other contexts:

Woman 1. Her daughter used to attend the ballet class that the girls did last term. We were quickly able to drop the girls off and run home for coffee mornings with the ex-nursery gang. Her little girl hated being left so she had to stay and watch the class every week. She’s decided not to go back this term. Apparently R and G are ‘very confident’ (and bears do their business…)

Woman 2. Works where I used to work. Cue slightly awkward conversation about the place I worked at when I was young (basically, back when I was even more of an arse than I am now) and where she still works.

Woman 3. AKA Mum Who Seems to Disapprove of Us. (her children attend the same nursery as the girls and I don’t think she can quite work out Dh and I) I’m not sure last night did anything to improve relations between us but anyway…turns out she’s also a civil servant and works for the department that my organisation is likely to be transferring over to in the next 2-3 years. She asked who I worked for. I told her. She was silent for a couple of seconds before carefully saying ‘Oh’. I’ll wear her down. She’s my new project <rubs hands gleefully yet evilly together>

Woman 4. I really, really liked her and it turned out that she was really good friends with our landlords and used to come for playdates at our house before it became our house. I said she should bring her boys round to play with R and G.

I also learnt a lot of gossip about the residents of our road (tales of CCTV cameras, burglaries and naked sunbathing), we might apply to have a street party for the Diamond Jubilee, and the school that’s no. 2 on our list but is likely to be the one the girls go to doesn’t have an after school club for the Reception children.


Apparently the local Catholic school has a really good after school club which takes the reception kids from oher local schools. I asked if they did anything Goddy with the children (in my minds eye I could see Dh-disciple-of-Dawkins) as that might be a little unusual for the girls (I left the ‘They haven’t even been christened’ coda unsaid) and a lady sitting on the floor piped up that Actually (yes THAT actually – the ‘Ahem you’re starting to offend me’ actually) she was a Catholic. Oops…

I think the lesson I take from this is that I should NEVER, under ANY circumstances go for a quick post-work drink before attempting a new book group in which I have to impress people. Oh! I needn’t have worried about turning up late either. Two other people arrived well after I did.

I’m going to download War Horse onto my Kindle and I will damn well read it before the next meeting in March so I can sound clever and knowledgeable. I absolutely won’t discuss Catholicism, even in really oblique terms. I most certainly won’t go for a drink beforehand.


5 thoughts on “Book Group

  1. We have only applied for 2 schools – there really isn’t a third option for us. School nearest to us is huge – a 3 class intake (that’s 90 4 year olds). They finish school at 2.50pm until year 4 (wtf) and have no after school facilities for Reception children. After school facilities from year one run for 1 HOUR ONLY and are clubs or groups and not CHILDCARE! This is our 2nd choice.

    1st choice -1 class intake, other side of the village. Massively over subscribed but I am hoping upon hope that we get lucky. I love it, and I think May would too.

    For what it’s worth I think we’re going to have to use the after school club at the nursery she currently goes to. They pick up from both schools. It’s costs £12 a day but unfortunately you have to have the same days every week and not chop and change which doesn’t help with DH’s shifts – lots of planning needed once we know what school it’ll be.

    (Not) fun times ahead x

    • Indeed. We’ve definitely been spoilt with the option of 51 weeks a year of childcare for the last few years, albeit at a prohibitively expensive cost. The local mums were telling me about childminders but I don’t really want them to go to a childminder as I don’t feel it would necessarily give them anything extra (there’s some excellent ones out there of course but you never quite know…). That’s why they went to nursery in the first place. However, if needs must…

      The rationale for reception children not being allowed to attend after school club is silly – they have coped perfectly well with 10 hour days at nursery since they were tiny – they’ll be fine with 8 hours at school! The girls could attend after school club at one of the other two schools locally, so its not the end of the world but they are massively over-subscribed and I’m always looking for two places…

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    • Just to make you a bit more jealous…I now belong to two groups! As well as the one for the mums on our road, another mum friend and I are setting one up for our little gang. We’re the only members so far but it’ll grow once we’re established.

      Maybe you could start/join a virtual book group? I’d be up for that 🙂

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