46 Days 2012

Last year I did a reverse-Lenty thing and wrote a post a day on HoT for 46 Days, starting on Ash Wednesday and finishing on Easter Saturday. As I’ve been neglecting HoT a bit recently (One Born liveblogs aside), it’ll be a good way for me to get back into general mummy-blogging again.

I was starting to fret that I had finally run out of things to be irritated about as a parent, but a few things have cropped up recently that I’ve thought ‘I could write about that…if I had time’ and doing 46 Days again will give me an excuse.

Expect missives about education, pre-school, primary school, phonics (theme developing already), book groups, parties, 4 year old wobblers, dressing up, reading, twin-ness and the fact that I’ve changed my name to Penny and Dh is now called Elvis…I’ll still be doing the One Born… liveblogs and might resurrect the Friday Photo, plus anything that pops into my brain over the next month and a half…

I’ll be tagging the posts 46 Days 2012 and lets see what happens…


3 thoughts on “46 Days 2012

  1. You’ve made my Lent! Was so hoping you’d do this again! 🙂 Ps: You’re not *really* giving up sarcasm are you? 😉

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