One Born Every Minute liveblog 1/2/2012

Roll up! Roll up! It’s One Born Every Minute day. The children are in bed, Dh is working the late shift and I’ll be on the sofa with my laptop at 9pm after I’ve done day 24 of the 30 Day Shred. I won’t be phoning it in. I won’t be sending myself a false message of lethargy. I’ll be pushing myself to get the results I want and deserve….hang on a second! I’ve been drugged by the Jillian Michaels bots again. Sorry about that. One Born. Babies. 9pm.

Laterz…I need to find my trainers…

20.55 Shred? Done. Swearing at three toned women? Done. Now watching ruffly-haired well-spoken boys cooking pies for not-very-poor-looking-students. BRING ON THE BABIES!

21.01 I love the strong language warning before the programme starts. Women are supposed to be meek and silent during birth aren’t they? Or is that the Scientologists? I get confused. You’re basically pushing a watermelon through the eye of a needle. Of course you’re going to do some swears!

21.03 There should be a rent a newborn baby scheme for people that don’t actually want one, but want to cuddle and squidge one for half an hour. Then give it back. I’d like to sign up to that scheme.

21.06 I envy women that don’t have any stretchmarks. Four years on my stomach looks like a relief map of Jabba The Hutt’s arse.

21.07 The mere mention of the word ‘speculum’ makes my bits hurt. I get the NHS equivalent of ‘Nam flashbacks 😦

21.10 I find the use of the phrase ‘Catch on’ really odd. Is it regional? For some reason it reminds me of crocheting.

21.11 I wore my sick bucket as a hat too. I was whacked out on morphine at the time though. It was hilarious. (it wasn’t hilarious). Oh maybe it was methadone (bless them)? That might explain the ‘twistin’ my melon man’ dreams I had that night.

21.19 I like the idea of birthing rules. I would have had ‘stay at the head end’ and ‘go and buy me Grazia. Now.’

21.22 Two fingers and a hook. They ARE doing crochet!

21.24 I have long fingers. I could be a midwife! It’s a shame I have no patience and fundamentally dislike 95% of people I meet, otherwise I’d be brilliant at it.

21.34 On a side note, I am practically hyperventilating with excitement that Big Fat Gypsy Weddings is starting again soon.

21.35 In another life Jess would be the 6th member of The Saturdays. She could probably deputise for Una while she has her Foden-baby. See? I’m down with the kids. Tangentially, the Healy-Foden baby is going to be gorgeous.

21.43 Where’s the father of Jess’ child now? On his phone having a fag, probably. I sound like a broken record but if you were there for the procreation you should be there for the birth. All of it.

21.45 ‘Too scared’?? TOO SCARED? Jesus fecking christ. He’s a keeper isn’t he? ‘Cept she’s done the sensible thing and has already binned him. Twat.

21.48 I had no idea that they couldn’t do a vaginal examination if the woman refused. I assumed that medical intervention would always supercede the wishes of the individual, but clearly not in childbirth.

21.53 I didn’t have her down as a scuba diver. Funny how you get an impression of someone and it isn’t quite right.

21.56 *The sound of wombs twanging at the sight of baby Lucy*

21.59 He has a heart after all. Rikeya. What a cutie. Oooh. Hang on. It all went a bit Jeremy Kyle there. Blimey.

22.00 How old is Georgia? 14? Oh my goodness.

There haven’t been any multiple births in this series yet. I’d really like them to show us a straightforward twin birth. They’ve only shown ones with complications before and most twin births aren’t like that.


11 thoughts on “One Born Every Minute liveblog 1/2/2012

    • When I was in with C&T there was a woman outside the maternity entrance huge bump, fag in hand and connected to a drip.

      • I know. Quite normal in SE London. Apparently it’s more stressful for the baby to quit than to keep smoking. That’s what I was told, anyway.

        I’m apparently weird because I properly freaked out when my MIL bought my SIL cigarettes when she was pregnant with our niece…. :/

  1. I’m not being funny but if she’s refusing an internal because she thinks it’s too painful how is she going to cope with the baby actually being born.

      • Roffle. I can’t watch JK for the fear that I may see one the parents from round here – and for the fact that it is a depressing picture of society and makes me want to scream.

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