One Born Every Minute liveblog 25/1/2012

Wednesday. One Born Day. Episode 4. You know the drill. Hit it.

<insert plinky plonky birthing music here>

See you back here at 9pm. You know you wanna, girlfriend.

20.55 I think tonight’s episode is going to make me cry. In fact, it’ll make everyone cry. Therefore I must do some *seriousface* AND NOT MOCK THE ACCENTS. Bay-beh. Loovleh. Sorreh. *ahem* *seriousface*

21.10 Sometimes I want to liveblog and be funny. Sometimes I don’t. This is one of those times.

21.11However… FIFTH BABY! 27! OMFG!!! Does it get boring after the 3rd or 4th one? Does the magic fade?

21.12 How do they find time in the day/night to have sex?

21.13 OK, <hulks out> having girls is fucking brilliant how DARE they suggest disappointment at possibly having a girl? I don’t give TWO SHITS about that stupid man ‘must have a boy’ thing. Having a healthy baby, of either sex, is surely the main objective here? GRRRRRR.

21.14 I really want them to have a girl now. A girl that likes Disney princesses. So ner.

21.15 I absolutely adore the first couple. They radiate love and affection. Their baby is going to be so lucky. Yes, I’ve already got moist-eyed about them…

21.19 I wonder how many times Tricia was advised to have a c-section during her pregnancy? There’s no medical reason for that, but consultants tend to take the least ‘risky’ path.

21.22 I feel so sad every time she asks someone if the baby will be taken away from her. I imagine there’s a support plan for the family in place from the local authority – should they want it.

21.24 It’s ok ladies – he’s had a vasectomy…

21.28 Oh…just…oh…

21.29 I wish this whole hour was focussed on Tricia and Steve.

21.39 At least you know this is your last one. Plus, when you’re 45 the youngest will be 18 and there’s life after children! (I hope this is true…tell me it’s true? Humour me)

21.42 The only man that can carry off a vest is Wolverine. True dat.

21.45 Baby born. That was quick. She said she laboured quickly but flipping heck. IT’S A GIRL! YEEEEEEEEES! *victory dance* Isabel is a very pretty name.Girls rock. The brother will cope.

21.51 Sorry, Isabella. V pretty name. Although personally I prefer Isobel, even though she was my first ever manager and had PMT 364 days a year. The other day she was lovely though.

21.54 The mere sight of a pair of forceps makes me wince. Ow. Ow. Owwww.

22.00 I can’t write. There’s something in my eye. Both eyes. Elizabeth. Oh. Warm fuzzy feelings of hope and loveliness.

22.01 Having seen the preview of next week’s programme, I’m now feeling depressed again.

I think C4 could have justified focussing on one birth this week. Tricia and Steve’s story was so lovely that the other couple got a bit overlooked. Next week’s episode looks fun though…. 😉


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