After after nearly six week of carlessness (almost a proper word) we finally have a new car. He’s a Volkswagen Golf called Gary.

Why Gary? Well, he’s a bit of a boy racer – alloys, built-in iPod dock and a rather tasty engine – so it seemed like an appropriate name.

I’m such a good wife that I ‘allowed’ Dh to go and choose a car without me. Although, as he pointed out, I had already given him quite a lot of instructions on what he should buy:

1. Must be a Golf. Do not be seduced by any other fly-by-nite vehicles

2. Must have 5 doors.

3. Must have air conditioning

4. Must be in a dark-ish colour. Definitely not white. White is chavvy hard to look after

5. Must be a Golf

Anyway the brow-beating explaining must have worked because Gary is a bit marvellous. He’s immediately much better to drive than Cedric, who put the meh in…well, meh. He also looks a lot cooler.

I took Gary out for a spin on Saturday afternoon with three rather vocal co-pilots. When R learns to drive, I’m going to sit in the back of the car as she kangaroos along, heckling, as payback. ‘WHY are you going SO SLOWLY Mummy?’ ‘Why have you stopped here?’ ‘What are you doing now?’ ‘Is this the WRONG WAY MUMMY?’. G looked rather confused. ‘Is this our new car or our old car’? Why have we got a new car’?

As a driver, it’s amazing how quickly you lose confidence. Until the beginning of September I was a regular driver and feared very little on the road. The accident our car had (obviously I wasn’t there but you still think about it) plus I was a passenger in a friend’s car during an accident in the Summer (again, no-one hurt) have made me a lot more cautious. London drivers have to be quite a bit more confident/aggressive than drivers elsewhere (you get nowhere otherwise) so I need to get my driving mojo back.

We survived for a month and a half without a car, but we couldn’t live without one permanently. Hopefully Gary will last a lot longer than his predecessor.



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