The deed is done…

“Online applications submitted before the portal closes on 15 January 2012 will be considered as being on time.  You will be advised of the outcome of your application by email on 18 April 2012.  We will not contact you before this date unless we require additional information”.

I have completed the eAdmissions forms for the girls (one each, of course) and now we must wait. Despite having the option to apply for six schools, I chose to put the three we’ve visited.

I put:

1. Uber school that we don’t live near enough to, but it’s worth a punt

2. Good school that we both really liked and is on the doorstep so should be the school we get

3. Fine school that we saw today that would be ok if the other two didn’t work out

Yes, I changed my mind and reversed our preferences for Uber and Good schools. So shoot me. I put a note on each of the forms stating that R was the twin sister of G (and vice versa), quoting their unique application numbers – I did G’s form first, then did R’s form quoting G’s number and edited G’s form to include R’s number) and that they must attend the same school. We want them to be in separate classes (G isn’t fussed, R wants be to with her sister), but we don’t have to worry about that until they have school places.

We’ve done all we can. Now the waiting begins.


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