Newsletter rage

The girls’ nursery produces a when they can be arsed to write it bi-monthly newsletter. It’s full of news and information – the topics they’re focusing on this term, the bad things that SILLY PARENTS DO, the names of staff that have walked out in a rage / been sacked for showing initiative left – but all I really care about are the photos.

The newsletter is littered with pictures of the children doing fun things…but I scroll through like a junkie seeking a fix for pictures of R and G. They feature fairly regularly. There are two of them after all, so they’re more likely to appear in at least one picture.

The latest newsletter doesn’t disappoint. There’s a lovely picture of G ‘mark making’ or ‘trying to write her name’. Only one problem. They’ve given G a name card to copy and it clearly says Gracie, not Grace. Gracie is one of the girls’ friends. It is not Grace’s name. Close, but no cigar. It might be one of her many nicknames, but it’s not the name she should be learning to write.

The bloody annoying thing is that the girls are both getting pretty good at writing their names. They can both pick out the letters from their names (G especially) when they see them written down anyway – road signs, books, graffiti – you name it. It’s something we’ve worked on with them at home. Thank goodness we have or they would be really confused now.

When I picked the girls up from nursery tonight I asked the girls what they had done today. G said that she had been writing ‘Her other name’. I didn’t quite get what she meant at the time. I thought that maybe (stupidly) they had been encouraging her to write her middle name or surname. Now it makes sense. She knows that there shouldn’t be a letter ‘I’ in her name.

I know it sounds like a small thing but I’m really cross. I’m now bracing myself for a little ‘chat’ with someone. Silver lining time: at least it wasn’t a picture of Grace with Ruth’s name card.


2 thoughts on “Newsletter rage

    • This is where I’m glad we went for really simple, easy to spell names! I’ve calmed down a bit now and I’m doing lots of work with the girls at home on not only writing their first names, but also learning to recognise their middle and surnames. R keeps telling me that her middle name is Harriet and that’s G’s middle name!

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