Baby, you’re a Big Star now

If this were a film this blog post would be accompanied by the pages of a dairy fluttering to the ground accompanied by brown leaves and shiny conkers to show you two things:

  1. It’s Autumn
  2. Time is passing very quickly

If this were a film I’d look like this and Dh would look like this

Right. You’re going to have to give me a minute now…

Where was I?

Oh yes. The girls have moved up to the preschool room at nursery, which is called Big Stars. The nursery has always been oversubscribed (aren’t they all?) so they have built a brand new Big Stars building that is adjacent to the existing premises. I say building, it’s actually a very fancy garden shed built on brick foundations. Anyway, it’s lovely and it feels about two minutes since I wrote about them moving up to the Little Stars room last September.  Now you have to imagine a whooshy sound and me doing wiggly hands, Wayne’s World style.

I picked the girls up from their new room for the first time last night and I was struck at how similar the setup was to Sunnyside nursery in Toy Story 3. To get to the new building you have to walk through most of the old one and I’d spotted a couple of toddlers in the Bubble Room (AKA the Caterpillar Room) bashing each other over the head with toys and running around. The Big Star room was, comparatively, an oasis of calm. Very grown-up looking pre-schoolers curled up on beanbags reading picture books.  A couple of children were helping the carers to tidy up at the end of the day. R and G ran over to their trays and pulled out a bundle of drawings each to take home. It was the real-life Butterfly Room.*

G absolutely adores the new setup. I asked her what she’d been up to today and every sentence began ‘IIIIIN BIG STARS…’.  She’d been playing with the dolls’ house, doing more complicated puzzles and constructing things with lego. She’s inordinately proud of the fact that she can write her name (kind-of, pretty much) and every scribble is accompanied by her left-handed wobbly hieroglyphics. There are lots of new books and she told me about a few of them in great detail.  G also told me a very complicated story about another child that didn’t listen when it was tidy-up time and talked during circle time. I strongly suspect that she was referring to herself…

R, generally more resistant to change, is not quite so pleased. She really liked the transition half-days she did in the Big Star room over the last few weeks, but was upset when she realised that the ‘old’ Big Stars had gone off to school. How dare they! She really misses her old keyworker (her beloved Mel-Mel) and told me at bedtime that she wanted to be a Little Star again. I was sympathetic and gave her lots of cuddles, but when I arrived this evening she was in the playground with a group of boys playing chase and laughing her head off so I I’m confident that it’s a temporary malaise.

Meanwhile, Dh and I are plotting the girls’ next move…

* Did you know that the little girl playing with dolls in the Butterfly Room in Sunnyside is the older Boo from Monster’s Inc? (I thought that was lovely when I found out and I’m going to go away now before I start listening to You’ve Got a Friend in Me and crying…)


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