Wild? I was livid!

After our encounter with Bullseye the nursery dog back in July I thought we were safe from nursery soft toy-based shenanigans for a while but the girls and Dh came home with George the Gorilla on Thirsday evening.

I was rather chuffed as we had some quite exciting things planned for the weekend – not quite the Eurostar, but nice things nonetheless. The kibosh was firmly put on most of our plans on Friday afternoon when Dh took the girls (and George) to the park and some lovely bastard person decided to crash into our car. Luckily they left a note with their details on but the back right door doesn’t close properly now and the back bumper had been pushed downwards towards the rear wheel rendering the car pretty much undriveable. Dh managed to nurse the car (slowly) home and we’re now waiting for the insurance companies to do their work (bye bye carefully built-up no-claims bonus) and for a courtesy car to turn up.

We had to re-jig our plans for the weekend. I managed to arrange a lift for the girls and I to a 3rd Birthday party (number 13 for the year if you’re counting…) on Saturday morning and we managed to get a food shop delivered but had to forego the second party on Saturday afternoon as we simply couldn’t get there.

The girls were really good about it all, but on Saturday morning couldn’t work out why we had to go to the party with J and his Mummy. G expressed shock that Daddy couldn’t magically fix the car himself. R looked confused: ‘Daddy fixes everything’. This is true (he’s handy) but there’s not a lot he can do with a car that needs a new bumper and some serious bodywork.

Dh was working all weekend so had to take the bus. The car is sitting outside looking a bit sorry for itself. Note to self: Citroen cars don’t like side impact crashes very much. You take a car for granted until it isn’t available to you. I felt really lost without it today, even though I had no plans to make a trip in the car. I like knowing that it’s there.

At this point I’ll roll out the usual cliches about being glad that Dh and the girls weren’t in the car at the time and that the person was kind enough to leave their details. The car will get fixed. It’s bloody annoying though.


3 thoughts on “Wild? I was livid!

  1. It’s more than annoying but I am pretty sure you won’t lose your no claims as it will be them claiming not you (from a person of experience who bashed into the neighbours merc :-O ). Some good news in the thick of all the pooey stuff!

    • Thanks Jan – have since learned that it shouldn’t affect our no claims. I had no idea how it worked, which shows we’ve had no incidents up to now! 🙂

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