Interview with dh – relationships

It’s a testament to our relationship that we still really like each other, considering. I’ve said to people that I don’t think having children is a remedy for a failing relationship.

You have to work together.

We’re a good team, even though we don’t get to do the things we used to, like going to the pub, watching rugby and cricket and going out for dinner.

Now we go to the park and the zoo!

Do you think that you’ve changed?

I don’t think so. I live a different life, but my attitude is still the same.

I’ve heard your shouting voice now, which I didn’t know you owned. It’s rarely deployed but I know it’s the end of the world when you go GRRRRRR!

I get frustrated more often. I’m not different, but it makes you look at things differently. You notice things…if you see other people or watch a film, you have a very different view of what’s going on in the world and a sense of responsibility.

I read somewhere that becoming a parent makes you harder on the outside but softer on the inside…

That sounds about right. At the weekend I found a little girls’ backpack on the train and I knew she’d be really upset. If you didn’t have kids yourself you’d think ‘Oh it’s just a bag’

I think it’s changed us as a couple in the sense that we used to be quite insular, but now we have to talk to people.

Yes. It’s like having two minor celebrities and they’re very recognisable. I’ve been to the shop on my own and people have asked ‘Where are the twins?’ I’m like ‘Who are you’. It’s a low local level of fame.


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