Interview with dh – personalities and difference

They’ve really developed their own personalities haven’t they?

They’ve been different since they were a few weeks old really. They act differently and like different things

Do you think we’ve made them different deliberately, or are they just different?

They are Identical, but they act differently, despite being genetically the same.

The great test of that was the whole Sporty Tots thing…

…which Ruth loves and Grace refuses to do. Grace did it a couple of times and hated it.

They had equal opportunity to do it and Grace was very definite about saying no. I think we have an interesting perception of them, where we think Ruth is really clever and Grace is more airy-fairy but if you look at the targets, Grace is way ahead in terms of things like number recognition and letters…

…we’re biased, but I think they’re both very clever but like doing different things. Grace will happily sit down and try to write her name. Ruth can a bit, if you can convince her to do it. She likes doing sporty things, like throwing and catching. It’s more about what they’re interested in. Ruth doesn’t like doing things she’s not already good at. She gets so embarrassed….

…for one so young whereas Grace blithely strolls through life being like Lola from Charlie and Lola.

She has no awareness of anything! She’s not self-conscious at all. Ruth is really sensitive. It makes you treat them differently as well. I find that I have to be quite careful about what I say to Ruth because she’ll get really upset.

People think that Ruth is the more confident one of the two, but she’s not.

If she’s taken away from an environment she’s comfortable in, she freaks out.

Grace would be the same if she met the tramp or the pope. She would just be Grace.

Ruth’s a bit all or nothing. There are certain people she really takes to….

….and some that she really doesn’t and she makes it very obvious!

She really loves her keyworker at nursery. She’s very choosy about who she likes and who she doesn’t. Grace is the same with everyone. She’s very bossy.

You think that Grace is really airy-fairy and then she comes out with something that reveals how sharp she really is. We’ll be looking at a book and she’ll say ‘Oh, that’s an e and a g for Grace!’ You think nothing’s going in…

It’s amazing how much they take in.


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