Interview with Dh – introduction

Dh is is a constant presence in my posts, but I rarely talk about him specifically. I have been on at him for a while to do a guest post for me, but he was a bit reluctant. I managed to pressgang persuade him to allow me to interview him and publish the results here. Last week I handed him a glass of wine, turned my iphone into a dictaphone and, with a loose idea of what I wanted to ask him, let the conversation flow.

The first thing to say is that he’s not a naturally talkative person. I transcribed the recording and there was plenty of blather from me and some umms and ahhs from him, which pretty much sums up our relationship! He said some really interesting stuff when he loosened up a bit, and I think it reveals a little bit more about him and his place in the HoT.

I’ll be posting up the conversation over the next few days in sections, as it ended up being a pretty long chat – an hour and fifty minutes. There are a few more things I want to ask him, so when I can pin him down for five minutes again I’ll post the final bits and pieces up…


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