Interview with dh – family life

My questions and comments are in bold and Dh’s replies are in normal font.

What do you do?

Train driver, dad to G & R.

Shift work…I swear that several people from nursery think that you don’t work…

…cos I wonder in wearing a t-shirt and shorts

Yes, some of them are really weird about it…like, does your husband not work? Oh..

Everyone else is wearing suits and…

Running backwards and forwards…you’re strolling in…strolling home. You do scary shifts…40 hours a week as a train driver. You tend to work a lot of weekends as well. It means you’re around a lot during the week

It has its advantages

I work at home two days a week so I’m beavering away in my office and I can hear you bellowing at one of the children. It’s generally NO GRACE NO NO GRACE STOP DOING THAT GRACE!

I don’t bellow to start with…after the first five times I bellow.

I don’t think I’d ever heard you shout until we had children

It’s most frustrating when they’re hurting each other, or I think they’re going to get hurt if they’re climbing and grabbing something that’s going to hurt them and they won’t listen. They’ll get upset but you think ‘No, I just don’t want you to get hurt’. They’ve stopped biting and hitting each other. Now they’re just rough with each other and climb things.

I find it strange that we’re seen as young parents.

We get that a lot don’t we?

My Mum was 19 when she had me. In one generation it seems to be normal that you have kids when you’re fifteen years older than us. It’s where we live though. We live in quite a snobby place so the parents are older. We’re probably the youngest parents at nursery [and we’re not that young!] but you can’t ask!


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