Let it shine

I don’t know whether it’s hitting my thirties or becoming a parent (maybe a combination of both) but I find myself wanting to do my bit to make a difference in the world. I’m not exactly going to set the world alight but there are little things I can do that might help others.

After a period of not being able to do so due to anaemia, I’m giving blood again. (You can do the same by clicking here). I have also signed up to be on the Anthony Nolan bone marrow register. I’m (relatively) young, fit and healthy so if I can do something to help someone in need, I see that as a very good thing.

The biggie though is this:

On 1st October 2011 I’m walking 26.2 miles for Shine London (Cancer Research) at night. I signed up at the end of last year and my training started really well, before tailing off a month or so ago (basically, when it started raining EVERY SINGLE DAY). I got my entrance pack through the post today (see pic above) and it includes a training plan, as well as my t-shirt and number so I’m feeling really inspired to get back into my preparations again.

When you sign up for the walk you can choose which ‘area’ of cancer you’d like to raise money for. I chose children’s cancers and my (clanging plug coming up) JustGiving page is here.

My sister is doing the walk with me. She’s wearing full cricket gear (pads and all) and is running for breast cancer. Her fundraising page is called Love Boobies Love Cricket and she’ll be doing The Sprinkler dance, in honour of the Ashes-winning England cricket team, when she finishes. Heck, if I finish I’ll probably join her. Then collapse.


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