Bong! HoT animal update.

After the demise of Maisy, Eddie and Bob the fantail goldfish earlier in the year we were left with an empty Spongebob Squarepants tank and a lot of fish food. After leaving the tank respectfully empty for a week or two we decided to take the plunge (again) and buy two bog-standard goldfish.

Inevitably, there was a problem. Apparently the tank isn’t big enough for two goldfish so we bought a singleton and three Danios to keep it company. The girls called the goldfish Minnie and the Danios Mickey, Miffy and Kitty. Mickey died within a week. Kitty went to the big tank while we were on holiday. Minnie and Miffy (touch wood) seem to be fine. When we bought them I muttered darkly that we should just number the bloody things. The subsequent demise of Mickey and Kitty proved me right.

Charlie and Lola are simply lovely. Charlie is now sporting quite a lot of junk in her considerable trunk so we need to buy them a large run to exercise in.  They had a lovely mini-break with one of the girls’ nursery friends while we were on holiday. They were thoroughly spoilt for a week and Lola was even allowed in to watch television with them!

We revisit the pet shop periodically for supplies and I still quite fancy getting a rabbit and a hamster. The idea of tropical fish still appeals but it’s pointless because we’d kill them off in a week.

Bong! This is the end of the HoT animal update.


3 thoughts on “Petschtick

  1. I’m amazed you’re allowed back in the petshop – don’t the fish all play dead when you go in 😉 xx

    • I wondered why they all flopped onto their sides….
      Minnie died on Thursday. We’re just waiting for Kitty to (inevitably) die and we’re putting the tank on Ebay.

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