My eyes! My eyes!

“Please don’t do that thing where you touch my eyeball”

I went for my bi- annual eye test at the beginning of June and while I was there I asked about getting the girls tested. They said that from the age of 3 was about right if we hadn’t spotted any problems before that time and they had to be able to sit still. The girls are three and a half now so I thought we might be able to manage it.

One of the concerns I had beforehand was their ability to read the charts. The girls are ok at recognising numbers 1-8 (most of the time) but there’s no way they would be able to shout AZTBP. Not a problem. The Optician gave them a book of letters to hold and they had to match the letters on the chart to the letters on their lap. They also had to name pictures of objects and animals and got to wear some very funny glasses that made their eyes go wiggly. There were the usual colour-blindness tests with the magic eye pictures and they coped very well with having a bright light shone into their eyes for quite a long period of time.

They are both long-sighted, but apparently it’s nothing to worry about at this stage and doesn’t require glasses. This is fairly normal for their age and will correct itself in time. They now have to go back every six months.

I’m interested to see how their sight develops. I’m extremely short-sighted and started wearing glasses full-time at the age of twelve after having 20/20 vision when I was really young, which is a very common sign of short-sightedness. Dh is very slightly short-sighted but not enough to warrant glasses. My Mum has worn glasses since she was a teenager. My Dad has become long-sighted over the last few years and has reading glasses. My sister is moderately short-sighted. Both of DH’s parents wear glasses full-time.

The Optician told us that the girls’ identicalness will have no bearing on their eyesight. One may need glasses in the future but the other may not. This surprised me a bit as I assumed (stupidly) that their eye health would be the same. My pet theory (it’s very daft so bear with me) is that the girls will take after DH and not really need glasses.  They have his green eyes and the green-eyed members of the family have pretty good sight. Yeah, I know. All that education and I know bugger all about science!

It was a trouble-free experience for all of us. The girls are taking full advantage of their NHS free eyecare (you never know when it might be withdrawn) and my eyes haven’t changed so I didn’t need to fork out for new glasses.

£30 for an eyetest for me though? Ouch. The male optician I saw made a point of touching my eyeball with a prongy thing after I told him I didn’t like it AND then said “I didn’t need to do that. You really don’t like it though do you?’ NO I BLOODY DON’T!


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