EYFS and the FoR

EYRS – Early Years Foundation Stage

FoR – Fist of Rage. Appears when I’m annoyed.

We had one of our monthly meetings with G’s keyworker this evening. S is very keen on the Early Years Foundation Stage and all that goes with it, so the conversation is usually based around that. We get an observation report every six weeks, in which a particular topic is focused on and G’s progress assessed.

I went slightly postal when we got the last report (on drawing, creativity, etc.) a couple of weeks ago because it appeared to grade G in the 22-36 months age bracket, and she was 39 months old at the time. Anyway, we found out tonight that the grading is actually their age, not ability and S had simply filled the wrong section of the chart in. Cries of ‘Doh!’ all round.

G is doing just fine. She’s imaginative, creative and extremely bossy (can’t think where she gets the last one from…) and has really taken on a role as one of the leaders in the Little Stars room recently. Her number recognition is improving and she’s going to be learning to recognise letters and write her name. I asked S to focus on this with her as we’re already doing it at home, with varied success. We even talked about her move up to the pre-school room in the Summer (I suspect it won’t be any earlier than September), which is a scary prospect.

We’ve arranged to have a meeting with M, R’s keyworker in a couple of weeks. We’ve been feeling guilty that we have regular meetings about G and not about R (we’ve always had a good relationship with M so it hasn’t felt necessary), so we’re redressing the balance now.

I still have fundamental issues with the EYFS and I understand that it is going to be dramatically simplified in future, which I agree with. I’m scared that the girls will be going up to the pre-school room in just a few months. They’ll be leaving their current keyworkers behind (good in one case, sad in another) and moving on.

We have to do their school applications for September 2012 entry in the Autumn. Even scarier.


One thought on “EYFS and the FoR

  1. Scary times indeed LOL! H&L moved up to the pre school room just after Christmas and I have no idea at all about how they are doing or where they are at – reading this you’ve made me wonder if I should ask LOL!

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