One Born Every Minute liveblog 11/4/2011

It looks like this will be the last liveblog I’ll be doing for OBEM for a bit as I don’t think Channel 4 are planning to repeat any more episodes. According to the previews they are going to show the episode that resolves Joy’s birth story. I think the other story in this episode – the VBAC (vaginal birth after caeasrean) made me shout at the telly first time it was on, so lets see what I make of it tonight.

See you back here at 9pm

21.00 Strap yourselves in…

21.03 I remember the howling from the other women giving birth. It was horrific. I was howling because I had a kidney infection and because I’m a massive WUSS. A doctor that looked a bit like the cricketer Ravi Bopara gave me an internal to check my waters hadn’t broken and it was so painful I nearly kicked him in the face.

21.06 WHOLE HAND! Poor Joy. Aw, the bit where Fabio puts the music on for Joy is lovely 🙂 What’s the song? Does anyone know? Is it Simon and Garfunkel?

21.12 Kathy’s Song by Simon & Garfunkel. Thank you itunes.

21.17 FIFTH BABY? 9, 3, 2, 1 and infant about to be born. Wow. That reminds me of the two women that came up to us in Lakeside when the girls were 5 weeks old, cooed over them and said ‘Ooh I love having a baby in the house’. For the love of God, WHY? I mean, they’re dinky  and adorable and cuddly and smell delicious when they haven’t just performed a bodily function but wow.

21.23 ‘You are pain in the ass!’ I love Fabio and Joy. It  seems terribly unfair that they had to go through IVF (Twice?) and then baby doesn’t want to put in an appearance.

21.32 ‘Quick! Take a toke on the gas & air!’ Does everyone do this?

21.38 The phrase ‘Like shelling peas’ comes to mind. Or maybe ‘Like shelling peas while whacked out on gas and air’. Fair play to Kelly for doing it without loads of intervention.

21.40. Damn! My order of patience from Amazon failed to turn up in time. I got a bulk order of insecurity and fear instead.

21.44 Starts stopwatch…

21.45  Bloody hell. Maybe five kids is a good idea if you have super-quick births.

21.49 I misremembered this episode. I thought it included ‘Some women feel they’ve failed if they don’t have a vaginal birth’ midwife. Luckily it doesn’t or this liveblog would be full of F-words. My primary focus was on delivering two healthy, live babies. I wasn’t going to put them through an attempt at a vaginal birth just to satisfy some primal urge to shove two children out of my fanny and feel somehow ‘complete’. Transverse babies makes your mind up for you anyway. I always said I’d take the hit to ensure that the girls were healthy. I stand by that.

21.53 Awww. Faith is adorable. Can I cuddle a newborn baby please? Just for five minutes…

21.55 TINY BABY CLOTHES! I love tiny baby clothes. Sigh. Maybe I could get outfits for the guinea pigs.

21.56 They’d look great as the Village People. The guinea pigs. Not Fabio and Joy.

21.57 Dh looked WELL FIT in his scrubs. Just sayin’.

21.58 R and G were that tiddly once. Can’t quite believe it now. It all goes so fast…

21.59 I object to the headband but Ellie is also adorable. Can I be a birth partner for someone? I’m used to blood, shit and screaming. I really need to hold a teeny baby. Please?

22.01 That’s all folks. I’ll leave you with this:

R (left) and G (right) 5 days old, December 2007.


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