Night training

After a week of ‘night training’ i.e. trying to get the girls out of nappies and into knickers overnight, we’ve conceded defeat and are now trying pull-ups.

G was actually pretty good. She had a couple of accidents at the start of the week but was then dry the rest of the time. She was aided in no small part in this by R’s complete inability to wake up in time to recognise that she was going to wet the bed and snuck in a couple of sneaky middle of the night toilet visits while Dh or I were dealing with R.

R wasn’t getting it at all. She’s an incredibly deep sleeper – her head hits the pillow and she doesn’t move until the next morning – and I suspect that this was her downfall. G has always been a light, shuffly sleeper so is consequently much better at recognising the signs and waking up in time.

It was after our seventh night of broken sleep that I finally consulted ‘Potty training for girls’. I bought it before the girls started potty training last year, read it once and decided it wasn’t for us. However, the chapter on night training was really useful. The received wisdom is that if a child wets the bed three or more times in the first week they aren’t ready for night training. R definitely fits into that category. If they do, you’re supposed to leave it for a few weeks, put them back in nappies and try again.

This makes sense. It’s exactly what we did with G’s potty training last year. We put her back in nappies and left R in knickers. G waited a couple of months, decided for herself that she wanted to use the potty and was pretty much trained in a week or so.

Unfortunately, G has decided that the pull-ups look so good that she wants to wear them as well. We tried lots of ‘You’re such a clever grown-up girl’ stuff but she was having none of it. It feels like we’re holding G back and if she was an only child we’d be persevering but it’s much harder when there are two of them. Last night they both wore pull-ups to bed and – miracle of miracles – we got a full night’s sleep for the first time in a week.

Selfish? Possibly. I referred to the book again. Most children start night training between the age of 3 and 4 (doing it before is apparently brave but foolish, although I’m willing to bet that someone reading this will tell me that their child was night trained well before the age of three) and many children are still having accidents at night up to the age of six.

This is one of the difficulties of having twins. G is ready and R isn’t, but G feels she’s missing out if she doesn’t get to wear the pull-ups. Maybe it’s my fault because I didn’t want them to go back to proper nappies. R has been really embarrassed about her night-time accidents and I don’t want to make her feel worse by babying her. However, this means that G is being held back, which is bad.

This is hard. Night-time nappies are the final legacy of their babyhood and I’d dearly love to see the back of them.

We’ll regroup and try again after we’ve been on holiday.

3 thoughts on “Night training

  1. Still in pull ups here too. Like your girls, E is ready but R isn’t quite. We were almost there and then they got ill again! We will be starting again this week. My big boy just ‘did it’ as soon as he was PT’d – never occurred to me that the girls wouldnt just get it! I find that putting them on the loo a couple of hours after they’ve been asleep has a positive effect, but I believe that is frowned upon these days.

  2. I have to admit I was daunted by this same task,but was blessed with their easy transition. I waited until my twin girls were ready. They showed all the signs and we went straight from diapers to “big girl panties” at 17 months in less than a week. Neither wanted anything to do with “pull ups” and would not hear of having an “accident” on their favorite character. We let them choose the color/character of underpants and both wanted to be “big girls” not letting the other be the “bigger” girl…they constantly battled that issue with the “I am three minutes older” aspect of “twinness”. I wish you the best in this endeavor of raising twins. : )

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