Sporty tots

Identical schmidentical.

On Thursday afternoons at nursery R participates in Sporty Tots, which is a sports session designed specifically for pre-schoolers and run by Arsenal FC. Each week, she and a group of children learn about different sports and get to try them out. Today for example they did some rugby, which involved keeping hold of an oval ball whilst running about, from what we can work out. Last week they were catching balls in nets. You get the idea…

G has also been offered the opportunity to participate in Sporty Tots and point-blank refuses. Each Thursday morning we ask her if she wants to try it out (the first session is free; it’s £3 a week thereafter) and she says yes and by the afternoon she has changed her mind and stays indoors playing with her friends while R take part outside. At first glance G appears to be the more amenable of the two but when she decides she doesn’t want to do something she really won’t do it.

In the interests of fairness (if not my bank balance) I’d like her to get involved but I totally understand why she might not want to. I wasn’t particularly interested in playing sports as a child and was far happier in the company of adults or curled up with a good book. R is very good at throwing and catching balls and is a speedy little runner so I’m not surprised that she loves doing sports.

I’m now looking for an activity to G to do to even things up a bit. There are some local ballet classes that I need to investigate but, again in the interests of fairness I need to take both girls along to see if they like it. If R wants to take ballet classes as well I can hardly say no can I?

Winding forward a few years, I can see myself becoming a Saturday morning ‘Soccer Mom’, ferrying R to one activity and G to something else. The main thing is that we’re giving R and G equal opportunity to take part in activities and develop their interests. The rest is really up to them.


One thought on “Sporty tots

  1. Oh how I remember those days…lasted all through high school : ) Both of my girls started off trying different interests, but after watching each other eventually gravitated towards the same sports (thank goodness due to travel issues and drive time but not so good for competition between twins). During their elementary years and forward, while they played the same sports, they each developed their own group of friends as well as interests at school. If one chose something, and we offered something different to the other out of fairness, the first needed to make a choice. She either had to stick with their first decision or choose the second one, not both (our of fairness to our wallets!). Hang in there. I look forward to seeing what your girls end up pursuing and how they grow. : )

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