Bright lights

It’s been fascinating to spend time with the girls individually over the last couple of days. R is really, really quiet on her own and is a shadow of her normal, mischievous self. She reverts back to nodding and pointing and there were extended periods of silence. Even allowing for the fact that she was unwell, R is noticeably different without her sister.

G is exactly the same as she normally is. She still inhabits Grace-world most of the time and is still chatty and generally quite noisy. She concentrates on things more without R distracting her and she and I went through one of those workbooks you get in comics and I was amazed at her number and letter recognition (I had no idea she knew what the letter e looked like) and she counted up to 26 with only a little bit of help around the 21/22 mark.

R seems to ‘need’ G more than the other way round. G barely asked for her sister at all today, whereas R kept asking me where G was yesterday and wondered aloud what she would be doing at nursery. G was perfectly happy to go to nursery on her own yesterday whereas R looked very nervous without G and only smiled when she sat down to breakfast with her friends.

Dh and G collected R this evening and G was so excited to see her sister. R played it cool in front of their friends but was clearly just as chuffed. When they arrived home they stood in the hallway giving each other big bear hugs and little kisses before trotting off to the playroom together. It’s going to sound like a dreadful cliché but it was like a light went on when they were reunited. They can exist separately perfectly well but they shine brighter together.


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