One Born Every Minute Live(ish)blog 4/4/2011

Channel 4 are apparently repeating selected episodes from Series 1 of One Born… I’ve watched both series but only started liveblogging at the end of Series 2 so thought I might fill in the gaps as and when the programmes are repeated.

It’ll also take my mind off feeling rather yucky. Normally my liveblogs are written with a glass of wine by my side. Tonight it’s most definitely water for me 😦 (no I’m not pregnant!)

20.59. Preview of ‘Dad’s having a baby’. Dh has just rolled his eyes and said ‘No he’s not’. So there.

21.03 Oh gawd. Dumb and dumber. <flexes fingers> For some reason the Darwin Awards popped into my head just then. Can’t think why.

21.07 Joy! She was hilarious. And angry. Poor hubby. DO NOT PISS OFF A HEAVILY PREGNANT WOMAN. Joy may ACTUALLY kill.

21.10 I get the impression that Dumb’s mum is quite enjoying her pain. Maybe enjoying is the wrong word. Maybe it’s payback time? I’m amazed Dumber managed to find the correct hole to impregnate Dumb in the first place. He looks like he’s bewildered by everything.

21.10 Joy is ANGRY about PILLOWS. I wish I’d had the energy to get that angry about inanimate objects. I just got annoyed with EVERYONE.

21.16 I love Kay. She’s the dictionary definition of a good old-fashioned midwife.

21.17 An accident. Excuse me while I get over my SHOCK. Yeah. It’s going to stay that way.

21.19 Dh: ‘Joy. She’s not spreading much of that is she?’

21.24. Pillows! Walking! Pansies! To be fair, I’d be pissed off if I had an ongoing induction and had already been through hell to get pregnant in the first place.

21.25 I like Joy. She’s hilarious and angry. Sam is just annoying.

21.28 I don’t know how the midwives stay so calm. Maybe they have a secret room full of vases that they can hurl when they’re having a bad day? I suspect that they’re just really zen because they’ve seen it all.

21.29 I think the best thing all round would be for someone to knock Sam out. Any method would do at this point.

21.35 The lunch incident!

21.38 It must be so strange to start delivering the babies of babies you delivered. Try saying that quickly five times.

21.40 Joy v Nancy. FIGHT!

21.41 Fabio – it’s really unwise to deny a heavily pregnant woman chocolate, even if she is diabetic.

21.46 Ed. What a massive bellend. Makes me so furious when they don’t man up and go in for the C-Section. The man is there at the beginning for the fun bit. He should bloody well be there when it gets messy. It’s not like they see anything anyway.

21.47 ‘I didn’t want to go in cos I’m a massive COCK’. ARGH!

21.54 Sam’s mum is really really enjoying this. I get the impression that being a grandparent is awesome.

21.58 Bit late for the ‘Am I maternal?’ chat when you’re about to drop. Love Joy’s stream of consciousness chat.

22.00 Oh gawd. Is that the midwife that goes on about women who have a C-Sec feeling like they’ve failed? If I’m feeling better I’ll be back here live(ish)blogging next week.


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