The wheels are NOT falling off

The wheels are not falling off.

This is my current mantra. I have had a stomach bug since Saturday night that I can’t shake off. R threw up once on Saturday afternoon, then seemed fine and had severe vomiting and diarrohea yesterday. I don’t know how many complete changes of bedding and clothing we’ve done in the last couple of days.

G went to nursery today and I stayed at home with R. At 12.45pm I got an SOS call from nursery. G had a temperature and needed to be picked up. I phoned dh and as he was ‘spare’ (i.e. at work but not driving a train) he was able to leave and pick G up. G has a cold and is extremely snotty. However, I do not believe for a single second that her temperature was the 39 degrees that nursery claimed. We took it shortly after she came home and it was a perfectly reasonable 35.5.

R now seems completely fine and is back to her normal mischievous self. Nursery has a policy of excluding any child with a temperature for 48 hours, so she can’t go back in until Thursday. We broke the news to R earlier that she would be going into nursery on her own tomorrow. It didn’t go down well.

Dh is (touch wood) fine and is escaping it all so far. I can’t believe that R and G have two completely different ailments have haven’t caught each other’s bugs. Yet. I keep losing any food I attempt to eat and falling asleep at random intervals, which is obviously really, really helpful.

Oh yes, and we started night training the girls on Friday. The first night went really well….

In the immortal words of Dory from ‘Finding Nemo’ I’m going to just keep swimming.

The wheels are NOT falling off.


3 thoughts on “Marbles

  1. Umm… Random sleeps, tiredness… vomiting.. Nope can’t think of anything that could be.. and only u have this problem that has happen to last over numerous days, instead of a 24/48 hours bug… Nope definately not thinking of any other female orientated condition… lol

    Laura xxx

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