The One Born Every Minute liveblog 28/3/2011

Last in the series of Every week…every hour…every day…

Triplets this week. Suspect it will be nothing like Phoebe’s triplet birth in Friends.

21.01 – I love that Dh winces every time they show the head popping out of the ladybits in the introduction. He was spoilt with the hidden sunroof.

21.02 –  Swollen feet. I remember that. I looked like a (mostly) hairless hobbit.

21.04 –  “A chuff like a wizard’s sleeve”. I’m SO using that in conversation. Pelvic floor dear, Pevlic floor. Breathe in and HUP. Breathe in and HUP.

21.08 – Aww, lovely names for the triplet boys. Makes a change from the chav-tastic choices. No I’m not elaborating on that. Not enough wine in the world to make me say any more!

21.1o – 3o weeks is an amazing achievement for a triplet pregnancy. Phoebe’s triplet birth was bollocks in Friends. Because, obviously, Friends was true to life and all that.

21.12 – Dh has been doing some stats work and thinks the title of the programme is wrong. He reckons it should be 1.5 born every minute, but that sounds a bit weird. He’s getting his geek on with the National Statistics website.

21.17 – This, ladies and gentlemen, is why the NHS is bloody amazing and we should fight tooth and nail to save it.

21.23 – Can’t type. My eyes are itchy. I still can’t believe how lucky I was to carry twins to 39 weeks. I know triplets are much more risky and, as they said, women aren’t designed to carry three babies.

21.24 –  OMG he’s chosen someone that looks like his Mum. Paging Dr Freud. Paging Dr Freud…

21.28 – It’s only taken us 10 weeks to notice but One Born is on 4HD. We’ve missed out on so many graphic scenes of birth in High Definition. I feel deprived.

21.31 – why are so many men such massive bellends when it comes to the c-section? They were there at the beginning, they should be there for the end! It’s not like they see anything is it?

21.33 – I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to see your babies but not touch them. All you want to do is hold them and gaze at them in amazement and examine every single inch of them.

I always said I would rather take the hits so that the girls would be fine. Three and a bit years down the line I stand by that. I don’t think that will ever change.

21.41 – I wasn’t allowed to hold both babies when I was wheeled back to the ward so they went in a little incubator that was wheeled along next to me. I remember being too frightened to take them out! Not that I could – I was off my face on morphine. Mmm, morphine….made me wear my sick bucket as a hat…Also made me think that spray painting styrofoam bricks sliver and sticking them to the walls of our new house would be a good idea. This is why I’ve never dabbled in illegal substances. My brain is quite freaky enough, thanks.

21.42 – NOOOOOOOO. No. He was fine. Why isn’t he fine? 😦

21.48 – poor babies. You just think you’d be able to take your baby home and it must be heartbreaking when you can’t and they’re sick. I can’t even begin to imagine what they must be going through.

21.55 – tiny babies are so wonderful. I think you appreciate them far more when they aren’t yours!

21.59 – Being a midwife must be an amazing, rewarding, utterly fulfilling job. I don’t think I could do it but I have the highest respect and admiration for those that do. I’ll say it again – we’re unbelievably lucky to have the NHS and the dedicated staff that work within it.

I didn’t feel like making many jokes about the programme tonight. One Born is a great series and I’ve loved watching it as my two get older and further away from babyhood. I hope they do a third series.


2 thoughts on “The One Born Every Minute liveblog 28/3/2011

  1. The triplets were in a better condition than Oliver (2lb 6oz) at 34 weeks. We have been recording OBEM in HD from the start, and christened the programme “carry on screaming”. Allison had a friend of ours in Southampton went through this maternity ward between series when she had her little boy. Excellent programme, but tearful for me from the memories of 2008. Great comments on the series Jo.

    • We thought of you both when we saw the triplets, particularly when she was rushed to theatre to have the babies and her partner wasn’t there. Thankfully there were happy endings all round 🙂

      I now wish I’d liveblogged the whole series – hopefully they’ll do it again next year. I had quite a lot to say about some of the couples in the earlier programmes… 😉

      Big hugs to all of you. We’re all so excited about Saturday. I have plans to whizz down the big slide and generally make an idiot of myself!

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