We’re in the midst of 3rd birthday party madness at the moment. The girls have already attended four parties this year and have two more coming up in the next couple of weeks. I can’t think where the girls get their sociable, popular genes from – certainly not from me!

Our little party back in December seems rather tame in comparison to the ones we’ve been to since. Soft play parties, bopping bunnies parties, puppet shows, dancing and zillions of party games. I say party games….attempts to play them is more accurate. Pass the parcel is a perennial favourite and anything that involves music and things that make noise. We’re not quite at the pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs stage yet.

Most people are pretty good and give the girls an invite each. Occasionally we get a shared invite and inwardly groan as the girls and I open it and R/G asks where their invitation is. Note to those that don’t have twins – please, please give the girls an invite each. Surely it’s not much to ask?

My determination to individualise the girls is also my downfall because I feel compelled to buy each child a present from R and a present from G. This makes the whole attending parties thing slightly expensive so I look out for Accessorise sales for little girlie presents and take advantage of 3 for 2 book deals in Waterstone’s and WH Smiths. Amazon is also ridiculously handy for picture books and generally much cheaper than the shops. It also really helps if I know the child very well as I can get them things I know they’ll like. It’s much harder if R and G get an invite from a child I don’t know as the girls aren’t exactly great at giving detailed information on their friends! The pigeon books by Mo Willems are my default option. You can take the girl out of the library…

Having hosted a couple of parties ourselves, I can appreciate the hard work that goes into a child’s party. The children aren’t at the stage where they can be dropped off and left for a couple of hours, so the host parents have to make the other parents feel welcome and comfortable as well. We’ve always cheated and had help with food and drink in the form of my family but you still end up running around trying to talk to everyone.

I’m pleased to say that party bags are still a feature of the 21st century children’s party and the girls look very sweet leaving a party with a bag of goodies clutched in one hand and a balloon in the other. 3 year olds are (relatively) easily pleased and are more than happy with a pot of bubbles, a small notepad and a couple of pencils. The best bit for the grown-ups is the cake. It has a funny habit of ending up in my packed lunch for work the next day…


2 thoughts on “Parties

  1. Oh how I remember twin birthday parties! : ) We did the same with giving a present from each twin to the birthday child and most often the girls received a present each and not a “twin” gift. Our most difficult issue started when one of the girls received an invite and the other twin did not. 😦 Heartbreaking lessons in life. Enjoy these birthdays…they fly by all to quickly!

    • When did the one invite/no invite thing start to happen? It’s something I’m dreading. At the moment they both get invited to all parties but I can’t imagine how they’ll feel when one doesn’t get invited…

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