RIP Eddie the goldfish

At 10.45 last night Eddie the goldfish went to the great big fish tank in the sky.

I went to get a glass of water from the kitchen and noticed that Eddie was swimming rather strangely. He looked like he was being buffeted by a huge tidal wave and couldn’t control his swimming action. Dh and I watched him for a little while, feeling completely helpless. I hoped that he would recover himself and start swimming normally again but he started listing to one side. His final act was to fling himself towards the filter cover and that was to be his final resting place.

Eddie wasn’t ‘just’ a goldfish. He was R’s goldfish. Eddie was much wanted and waited for. R showed great patience and maturity in the six weeks between Maisy’s arrival and Eddie’s eventual appearance after all of the dramas with the water. It seems cruel that he only lasted two weeks in what should be perfect conditions for a goldfish. Maisy seems fine but I keep checking on her because I’m concerned that she may have whatever it was that saw off Eddie.

Dh sent me upstairs while he dealt with Eddie. After the deed was done Dh and I discussed how we would break the news to R. Dh initially favoured the ‘hospital and sneaky replacement’ option. I argued (forcefully) that R wouldn’t buy it for a second and that she should be told the truth. We agreed that we would just tell R that Eddie was very sick and we couldn’t make him better so he had to go away.

This morning dh spoke to R and I explained the situation to G. We told them separately because we knew that G, in her usual, oblivious way would just say something like ‘Maisy’s my fish and she’s fine’, which is exactly what she said. I told her that R would be feeling a bit sad and would need some cuddles. R didn’t quite believe dh until she saw the fish tank. Dh and I felt quite emotional as Eddie’s departure hit her and her face changed. G gave R a hug and told her she could help to look after Maisy.

R’s been pretty down today, veering between being very upset and extremely naughty. She internalises things far more than G does, so I thought it was better to be upfront with her because she hates being fooled and feeling silly. We’ve told her that she can get another fish and she’s already thinking of names. Bob seems to be the current favourite.

Eddie – your time at the HoT was too short. You were bullied by a prima-donna female and I’m fairly sure she stole your food and flapped her massive tail in your fishy face. I hope the fishy afterlife is kinder to you.


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