A day at home

We spend so much time dashing around doing ‘stuff’ with the girls that it’s nice to spend a day predominantly at home for a change.

Yesterday we took advantage of the sunny weather to move the piggies into their new home and did a few jobs. Dh and I threw away some told toys that had inadvertently been left outside over the winter – it’s amazing what you find under the trampoline – and cleaned out the indoor guinea pig cage so that we could store it safely away until the piggies need it later in the year. R impressed us with her pedal-pushing prowess on her trike: note to self – remove parent handle from back of trike – and G donned her helmet and showed us some nifty moves on her scooter.

After lunch (I made some rather awesome omelettes) we popped to the shops en masse and bought cake-making ingredients and comics for the girls. Dh and I have fond memories of reading comics as children and R and G love them. They’ve moved on apace since our childhood though. R selected a Peppa Pig comic (sorry, magazine, as she insists on calling it) and G eventually after prolonged deliberation chose a Charlie and Lola comic. The gifts on comics are fab. R got some domino cards and G got a bead bracelet making set. Much more fun than the nail varnishes, hand creams or ‘bags for life’ I get on my grown-up comics.

Dh decided (after extensive prodding from me) that he should really clean the car. I wanted to make cake so we asked the girls what they wanted to do. R helped dh and G helped me by licking out the bowls. It was nice to spend some time with the girls individually, although G really wanted to grab and sponge and help dh clean the car. I distracted her with a bowl of chocolate… R hovered the car with minimal input from dh and after before tea the girls and I sat down and made bracelets together.

Apart from a wobbler by R at bath time (she doesn’t cope with life after 5pm) we had a lovely day. It’s rare that all four of us spend almost a whole day at home and it was great to get out in the garden for a few hours. I hate being cooped up in the house in winter and I’m so pleased that spring is pretty much here and we can involve the girls in activities separately. As  much I love our (many) days out I now remember how much I love being at home with my family.


2 thoughts on “A day at home

  1. Sounds like an amazing day. I remember when my twin girls and I would finally get to venture out after long winters being cooped up inside. Such a lovely feelling! Now that they are off in college, I sometimes long to have those busy winter days inside not seeing that it would pass all too fast!

    • Gosh I can’t imagine R and G going off to college – I keep thinking that I should preserve them in aspic now and keep them this age forever!

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