Sick sister

Dh got an SOS call from nursery this morning. G had a temperature and was feeling very sorry for herself. It transpired that she wasn’t at death’s door, but she wasn’t exactly ‘right’ either. Dh consulted with me and we decided that he would look after G at home this afternoon and that R would stay at nursery.

This news did NOT go down well with R. When she realised that dh and G were going to leave without her she did her hurt face and sobbed as they left. I picked R up this evening and apparently she was inconsolable for about five minutes and then lunch arrived and she was magically much happier.

Dh relayed this information to me at work via text and I felt stupidly guilty. G would get a lovely afternoon with her Daddy and R would feel like she was missing out. I’m absolutely snowed under at work at the moment and couldn’t justify taking an afternoon off to keep R happy. This is the way of things when a. You work and b. You have twins. As a parent, you can’t win.

G curled up with dh and watched Toy Story 2 and had a nap on Daddy’s chest.  At one point G looked sad and dh asked her what was wrong. “I miss Ruth” was her reply. I got quite upset when dh  told me. Her temperature was fine all afternoon and by the time I arrived home to drop my things off, she declared herself to be feeling better.

R had a lovely afternoon at nursery. I confess, I phoned them up to check she was ok. They clearly thought I was mental! She had been drawing and painting and was covered in cornflour when I collected her. She went into super-duper grown-up mode and trotted home with me chatting about her day and anything was saw that took her interest. G was waving from the window and dashed out to the door to give her sister a massive hug. R played it cool but was clearly pleased to see her sister.

Dh pointed out that it made him realise how close R and G really are and how much they rely on each other. We spend so much of our time playing up and reinforcing their differences that we forget quite how special their bond is. They are just fine when they spend time apart, but they need to know that the other twin is ok.


4 thoughts on “Sick sister

  1. This reminds me of something. As a twin, my earliest memory is of my mum explaining to me that my twin had hurt her lip so had to go into hospital, but she’d be better and back home the next day (she had a cyst on her lip and had to stay in overnight when they removed it). I’ve since learned that this was the first time we’d spent a night apart. I would have been less than 2 years old at the time.

    I think that memory has stayed with me because it was a big deal for us to be separated for that period of time – up until then, we’d spent almost literally every minute of our lives together!

    Don’t feel bad about your girls though – you do get used to spending time apart, in fact I think it’s healthy to allow twins some time on their own! Glad G is feeling better 🙂

    • It’s really interesting that the separation from your twin is your earliest memory – as you say, it was a major thing for you both. The girls haven’t spent a night apart yet and they still sleep in the same room. The one that wakes first will go and climb into the other one’s bed and have a ‘snuggle’ as they call it. I can’t imagine how they’d be if they discovered the other bed was empty for any reason.

      We really need to find ways of separating them more often – it’s just hard to fit it in!

  2. H&L had this a few weeks ago and it was a similar story. H went to Grandma and Grandads for the day and ‘held court’ LOL! L survived at nursery but did tell me she wasn’t impressed when I picked her up! Of course that wasn’t at all made worse when H came home and insisted on reeling off everything she had done with Grandma and Grandad 😉

    • LOL! Yes, G was telling R that’s she’d watched telly and done painting with dh and R was practically green with jealousy! R pumped G for information extremely effectively and I think she’d made a great interrogator….

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