Upgrade. Reboot.

It’s official. R and G have been replaced. We’ve been getting an upgrade every 3-6 months since they were born, as per the arrangement we made with the hospital and normally they’ve done a pretty good job. To be honest we’ve barely noticed the difference between upgrades, although version 4 was a bit of a shocker. Walking Bots! I could have done without the patch they put on 4.1.2, the one that made G a terrible sleeper, but this was a level two programming issue and was eventually fixed. On this occasion, however, things are a bit different.

The most recent upgrade has seen R and G versions 10.1.1 replaced with sweet, kind, funny children that actually LISTEN to what we’re saying to them. They’re being nice to each other, lovely to us and a joy to be around. G is much less whingey and R is significantly less prone to losing her temper.

I swear they’ve made a mistake. I’m waiting for versions 10.1.0 to make a spectacular reappearance and get stroppy and tell us to ‘put our listening ears on’. The cheeky monkeys! G is Little Miss Cloth Ears! Or rather, the old version was. This one is – I hesitate to say it – rather adorable. R is rather grown-up and sensible. I’m a bit unnerved by it all. Not knocking it, mind.

I’m tempted not to log on to get the next upgrade, just in case it’s a bad one. In any case, I’m sure their programmers will realise soon enough and instigate a remote reinstall and reboot in the night.


Update 16-Mar Yep, the reboot happened at 11.30pm last night and G woke three times in the night for very spurious reasons. This meant that they were both extremely crabby this afternoon. I miss the 10.1.1 bots 😦


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