Five minutes peace

At the risk of making zillions of parents extremely jealous I’m going to reveal that I actually had a couple of hours of continuous peace and quiet today. I was delivering training in Sheffield which involved a couple of rather long train journeys. On the way up I was preparing for my presentation and doing a bit of light Monday morning work. Training duly delivered, I was able to relax on the train back to London.

I spent two glorious hours listening to music and podcasts on my ipod, checking my phone, eating chocolate, reading magazines and doing a puzzle book. It was complete and utter bliss! The only fly in the ointment was the extremely smelly bloke that sat directly in front of my carefully chosen seat in the quiet coach and emitted musty odours for the duration of the journey. As long as I held my breath (sporadically) it was fine. Oh and I stupidly bought a hot chocolate on board and it was quite possibly the most disgusting drink I’ve ever tasted apart from Jack Daniels. Yuck. Aside from that, it was lovely.

Relaxation time like this is extremely rare for me. I’m usually chasing after two barking mad three year olds, working, doing librarian-y stuff, doing wifey things, catching up with housework or working towards mad self-set challenges, like time-bound cross-stitch projects or training for walking marathons. I’m very bad at relaxing but very occasionally I’m in a position to be able to do nothing of note for an hour or two. As my counsellor said to me a couple of years ago, there’s no harm in sitting back and smelling the roses once in a while.

I wish the train carriage had smelt a bit sweeter, mind…


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