Sister Act

We’ve noticed that R and G refer to each other in different ways. They worked out fairly early that they had to refer to each other by name if they were asking someone else a question: i.e. Where’s Ruth? Have you seen Grace’s doggy? However, when they’re talking to each other they have a couple of special phrases and ways of varying the pitch of their speech that they don’t use with anyone else.

If they’re in uber cute twinny three year old mode they call each other sister. They’ll walk along holding hands and asking each other: “You ok sister?” “Yes. I’m ok sister. Shall we skip sister?” They don’t really refer to themselves as twins. They know that they are twins but as it’s their normal, they don’t make a big deal of referring to each other that way. When they communicate in this way they tend to use much softer, kinder voices.

If they’re in different rooms in the house and want to get the attention of the other they’ll bellow “RUUUUUTTTTHHHHH?” “GRAAAAAAACCCCCCEEEEE” at approximately 100 decibels. I half-expect them to continue with “GERRROUTTA MAH PUB YOU SLAAAAGGGGG” but thankfully they don’t.

If they’re in super-herbert mode, for reasons best known to themselves they call each other Kimp. They’ve been doing it for about a year and we’ve got no idea where it originated from. We know when they’re going to be naughty because one will squeal “KIMP?” and the other will say “YES KIMP?” and from there chaos usually ensues. This is the most excitable and squealy method of communication and dh and I have learnt to take cover until the madness is over.


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