I have these little guinea pigs…

…..they are small and very funny…

So after our (ahem) overnight success with the goldfish we decided we just had to add to the menagerie. We are now the proud owners of two female guinea pigs (we only do things in twos in this house) called….Charlie and Lola.

We’ll come back to the potential gender confusion later. Buying guinea pigs is a breeze compared to fish. We went into the pet shop, selected our piggies and left the shop 20 minutes later, me carrying a cardboard box containing two scuffly little creatures and dh carrying an indoor cage and a guinea pig starter kit. We drew a little crowd in the shop as one of the staff lifted our chosen piggies from the pen and handed them to dh and I. Charlie and Lola squeaked with…fear? Excitement? Hopefully the latter.

We’ve been debating adding guinea pigs to our collection (of two fish? Yeah. Massive collection) for a while but it took me a bit of time to bring dh round to the idea and to get permission from our letting agents. I’ve always had a fondness for guinea pigs. Less rodenty than a gerbil or rat but marginally less of a commitment than rabbits, they seemed like our kind of pet. Plus they’re sociable creatures and there’s nothing worse than living with a sarky hamster or a cantankerous rabbit.

So, why have we called two girl pigs after a boy and a girl? You’d have to ask R and G about that. Since we told them the piggies were coming, various name combos have been floating around. I quite fancied the idea of Frasier and Niles, Daphne and Roz or Albie and Dustin. G briefly wanted to call them George and Toby but friends of ours will be relieved to hear that I quickly dissuaded her. Percy and James were in the running for a while but G came up with Charlie and R added Lola and it felt ‘right’.

No photos of Charlie and Lola yet as they’re still settling in. They currently reside in an indoor cage while we all get used to each other but the plan is for them to live in an outdoor hutch (the grandly named guinea pig manor) for most of the year and to come indoors in the depths of winter. Lola (black with brown highlights) is the more feisty of the two and has darted in and out of their sleeping area today to check out the environment, sneak food and poo. Charlie (white with large brown patches) has spent the whole day hunkered down in his/her sleeping quarters. At one point I made dh check that we hadn’t freaked him/her out so much that he/she had gone to the piggy heaven in the sky. Charlie is fine, just a little frightened and possibly quite confused. They are approximately twelve weeks old, so were ‘born’ in December 2010.

I don’t think we’ll be expanding our numbers again now. I rather like having eight creatures – three women, one lady fish, two female guinea pigs (one with an identity crisis), one slightly terrified looking boy fish and dh who is beyond description – in the HoT.


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